Honors Seminar V: Aesthetics, Values, and Authority


    General Information

    Professor Information

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    Maikel Alendy 
    (305) 348-0274
    By Appointment; Monday through Firday.

    Course Description And Purpose

    This course focuses on ethnographic approaches to the study of online interactions in contrast to who and what we are during face-to-face interactions. This requires students to personally immerse themselves and conduct first-hand research through experience and direct observation. We wil constantly ask ourselves: if behavior and actions online are "significantly" different than those elsewhere? Is it the internet that affects behavior and what we do or vice versa? Have we learned anything new or were out initial hypotheses correct? We will use established theories as a foundation for analysis and a framework for perspectives. During the second half of the students will take information we gather and make substantial contributions to Wikipedia. The intention of this course is not necessarily to try to fit the Internet into what we already know, or to ask students to uncritically apply established theories and established ethnographic methods to the internet, but to discover who we really are through the lens of objectivity.

    Course Objectives

    Upon successful completion of this course students will be able to:

    • Compare and Contrast influences of digital technology today on behavior and language
    • Describe how technology shapes individual and social perceptions and attitudes.
    • Value and engage emerging and disruptive technologies
    • Identify the intersection of community, identity, and design as it relates to the larger context of social interaction and cultural development
    • Create digital artifacts using wikipedia that demonstrate the primary themes of community, identity, and design
    • Produce digital media of many types (audio, video, photography, images, & text)
    • Synthesize individual and team based knowledge into digital presentations

    Global Learning Course Outcomes

    Global Awareness: Students will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the interrelatedness of local, global, international, and intercultural issues, trends, and systems.

    • Identify culturally specific forms of various technologies and media and their origins.
    • Compare and contrast the evolution of similar styles of media and technological interaction in varied nations.
    • Value differences to disruptive technology/media contribution to relationship, communication and thought development .
    • Analyze global impacts of disruptive media and technology; particularly its affects on employment patterns, global elections, social perceptions/misconceptions.

    Global Perspective: Students will be able to develop a multi-perspective analysis of local, global, international, and intercultural problems.

    • Discuss the cultural/age-related/social implications that shaped the business of uberization.
    • Analyze and describe how the global distributions of technology and information affected perceptions and the efficacy of ideas, products, and movements.

    Global Engagement—Students will be able to demonstrate a willingness to engage in local, global, international, and intercultural problem solving..

    • Students will engage in an in-class debate of physical/social/educational issues facing families, schools, and general perceptions of disruptive technology and media.
    • Students will reflect on the relationship between their own exploration of social media and uberization and consequent impacts. 
    • Analyze the psychosocial and economical impacts of play on local, national, global populations and themselves personally.

    Global Learning Graduation Honors

    FIU’s Excellence in Global Learning Graduation Medallion is awarded to students who complete at least four global learning courses, participate in a variety of global co-curricular activities, and complete a capstone consisting of one of the following: a substantial original research project and presentation on a global topic; extensive foreign language study; long-term study abroad; or, a globally-focused internship. The Peace Corps Prep certification is conferred upon students who complete at least four global learning courses, extensive language study, and a global problem-solving project. For more information, visit

    Course Awards

    Affordability Counts

    This course has been awarded the Affordability Counts Medallion. The Affordability Counts initiative at FIU seeks to make learning more affordable by reducing the cost of course materials to $60 or less. Find out more by visiting the Affordability Counts website at

    Important Information

    Honors Policies

    Registration in this course implies an acceptance of and compliance with the Honors College policies for students and the FIU Code of Academic Integrity.

    Honors Citizenship Requirements
    Beginning in Fall 2014, Honors College students are required to accumulate at least 20 citizenship points each academic year (Fall and Spring) by attending Honors College activities. Students attending only one semester (Fall or Spring) are required to accumulate 10 citizenship points. 

    Student Portfolios
    The Honors College will be using a portfolio method to assess students’ learning outcomes. The portfolio allows for maximum flexibility in gauging student learning. Students decide (with instructor consultation) what “artifacts” or assignments to include for consideration in their portfolios to demonstrate successful achievement of each of five key student learning outcomes over the 4-year Honors experience.

    HonorsEducation in the ARTS (HEARTS)
    The HEARTS program is designed to give Honors College students opportunities to “explore and appreciate different artistic and cultural traditions and modes of artistic expression. HEARTS will also serve as a clearinghouse (and curatorial framework) for our students to experience the arts on campus and in the community by providing them with information about cultural activities and access to performances with free or discounted tickets.

    Honors College Academic Misconduct Statement
    In The Honors College, the term “honor” refers both to academic accomplishment and character. Students in Honors should therefore adhere to and be held to the highest standards of personal academic accountability. Academic dishonesty in any form, including plagiarism, is antithetical to the very definition of being an Honors student at FIU. Consequently, an Honors College student found responsible for academic misconduct will be dismissed from the College.

    Procedures and Penalties
    An Honors faculty member may bring charges of academic misconduct against an Honors student if the faculty member suspects plagiarism or other forms of academic misconduct.  The faculty member will decide whether to pursue informal resolution, file formal resolution charges, or take no further action, and will follow the procedures outlined in the Honors College website, and the Academic Misconduct Procedures.

    Please refer to the following documents for additional information:

    Religious Observances
    Every effort will be made, where feasible and practical, to accommodate students whose religious practices coincide with class requirements or scheduling. Please make sure to notify your instructor at the beginning of the semester of which dates you will be absent or any anticipated problems with completing course work.


    Please review the FIU's Policies webpage. The policies webpage contains essential information regarding guidelines relevant to all courses at FIU, as well as additional information about acceptable netiquette for online courses.

    Technical Requirements & Skills

    By taking a Fully-online course your computer literacy skills will grow. Some of the skills that you need at the beginning of the course include:

    • Working knowledge of how to use word processing software and web browsers.
    • Good email and document management skills.
    • Navigating online gaming applications
    • Operating a webcam device and uploading a video onto your computer

    Technical course requirements include:

    • A reliable Internet connection.
    • Regular access to a laptop or desktop computer with an updated operating system and web browser.
    • An active FIU email account that is checked daily (or forwarded to an email that is checked daily).
    • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etx)
    • Anti-virus software.
    • A Netflix account 
    • A smartphone or tablet

    This course utilizes the following tools. Select the corresponding links below in order to access each tool's Privacy Policy:

    Please visit our System and Technical Requirements webpage for additional information.

    Accessibility And Accommodation

    The Disability Resource Center collaborates with students, faculty, staff, and community members to create diverse learning environments that are usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable. The DRC provides FIU students with disabilities the necessary support to successfully complete their education and participate in activities available to all students. If you have a diagnosed disability and plan to utilize academic accommodations, please contact the Center at 305-348-3532 or visit them at the Graham Center GC 190.

    Please visit our ADA Compliance webpage for information about accessibility involving the tools used in this course.

    For additional assistance please contact FIU's Disability Resource Center.

    Academic Misconduct Statement

    Florida International University is a community dedicated to generating and imparting knowledge through excellent teaching and research, the rigorous and respectful exchange of ideas and community service. All students should respect the right of others to have an equitable opportunity to learn and honestly to demonstrate the quality of their learning. Therefore, all students are expected to adhere to a standard of academic conduct, which demonstrates respect for themselves, their fellow students, and the educational mission of the University. All students are deemed by the University to understand that if they are found responsible for academic misconduct, they will be subject to the Academic Misconduct procedures and sanctions, as outlined in the Student Handbook.

    Academic Misconduct includes: Cheating – The unauthorized use of books, notes, aids, electronic sources; or assistance from another person with respect to examinations, course assignments, field service reports, class recitations; or the unauthorized possession of examination papers or course materials, whether originally authorized or not. Plagiarism – The use and appropriation of another’s work without any indication of the source and the representation of such work as the student’s own. Any student who fails to give credit for ideas, expressions or materials taken from another source, including internet sources, is responsible for plagiarism.

    Learn more about the academic integrity policies and procedures as well as student resources that can help you prepare for a successful semester.

    Course Prerequisites

    Students must be enrolled in the Honors College and have advisor approval to take upper-level courses.

    Required course purchase(s)

    Textbook Image
    Netflix Subscription
    You may purchase your account online at the Netflix website.

    We will be using various movies, shows, and documentaries to discuss and examine content covered in the course.

    Textbook Image

    A webcam enabled laptop, cellphone, or tablet will suffice.

    Textbook Image

    iOS or Android device with access to their respective app stores.

    Textbook Image
    1 Lyft Ride
    Student will submit email receipt of ride. $5 - $20

    Expectations Of This Course

    This is an online course, which means most (if not all) of the course work will be conducted online. Expectations for performance in an online course are the same for a traditional course. In fact, online courses require a degree of self-motivation, self-discipline, and technology skills which can make these courses more demanding for some students.

    Students are expected to:

    • Review the how to get started information located in the course content
    • Introduce yourself to the class during the first week by posting a self introduction in the appropriate discussion forum
    • Take the practice quiz to ensure that your computer is compatible with Canvas
    • Interact online with instructor/s and peers
    • Review and follow the course calendar
    • Log-in to the course 7 times per week
    • Respond to discussions, blogs and journal postings within 4 days
    • Respond to messages within 1 day
    • Submit assignments by the corresponding deadline
    • Participate in class activities

    The instructor will:

    • Log-in to the course 14 times per week
    • Respond to discussion boards, blogs and journal postings within 7 days
    • Respond to Emails within 12 hours
    • Grade assignments within 10 days of the assignment deadline

    Course Detail

    Course Communication

    Communication in this course will take place via Email.

    Visit our Writing Resources webpage for more information on professional writing and technical communication skills.


    Students must take and pass the Syllabus Exam with 100% in order to gain access to course content.

    In order to mitigate any issues with your computer and online assessments, it is very important that you take the "Practice Quiz" from each computer you will be using to take your graded quizzes and exams. It is your responsibility to make sure your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements.

    Assessments in this course are not compatible with mobile devices and should not be taken through a mobile phone or a tablet. If you need further assistance please contact FIU Online Support Services.

    Assessment Expectations:

    • There will be 4 Module Assessments this semester
    • Assessments will be made available on the Monday of the week they are assigned at 12:01am and will close on the following week on Monday at 11:55pm. 
    • Each Assessment will consist of 20 (multiple choice, true/false, matching, multiple answer, or short response) questions. Students will have 35 minutes to complete each assessment.
    • ​Students will be able to review module assessment results after the due date has passed.
      • Results will include: students responses, the correct answer, and question feedback.

    Assessments will be graded immediately with student submission and answers hidden until after the assessment due date

    Social Media Assignments

    There will be multiple social media assignment throughout the semester. Students will be required to setup accounts for these activities for the purpose of completing course assignments.

    These accounts include:

    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Snapchat
    • Twitter

    Students are not required to use their personal accounts or associate their name or image with these accounts. All that is required is that students have access to these accounts to upload and engage with content and that the professor is given appropriate information about each account to relate student submissions with corresponding assignments. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to the professor at

    Course Discussions

    Keep in mind that your discussion forum postings will likely be seen by other members of the course. Care should be taken when determining what to post.

    Scores will be provided within a week after the due date

    ApprenNet/Practice Video Discussions

    Discussions and participation are required, just as if you were in a face to face class. Online does not mean silent or student guided. This semester, all course discussions will be hosted through the ApprenNet video discussion tool.  Students will be required to reply to all discussion questions by uploading a 2 minute video to the ApprenNet tool.  After this is completed, students will then be required to review 5 randomly assigned classmates’ discussion videos. 

    Discussion participation will be evaluated based on:

    • the number of classmates videos students review (minimum is 2) and
    • the feedback students share through comments and grading rubrics. 

    After students have completed these two steps, ApprenNet will allow students access to the professors response to the discussion question.  

    All discussions will require that students submit their video for peer review by Thursday @ 11:55pm of the week the discussion is assigned and all peer-reviews must be completed by the following Monday @ 11:55pm for students to receive full credit.

    Scores will be provided within a week after the assignment due date.

    For any additional questions about the ApprenNet video discussion tool please visit the ApprenNet's Knowledge Base website or submit a ticket to the ApprenNet’s help desk.  The help desk is available for live chats from Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm.

    Keep in mind; responses such as ‘I agree’ or ‘yea…what he said’ will result in zero points of credit. You can earn your grade and exemplary participation will earn higher scores. Read the rubric below for more information. Each discussion requires an individual (1) post as well as four (4) feedback and rubric forms.

    Development of Ideas Well-developed ideas; introduces new ideas; and stimulates discussion.
    Evidence of Critical Thinking Clear evidence of critical thinking - application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Postings are characterized by clarity of argument, depth of insight into theoretical issues, originality of treatment, and relevance. Sometimes include unusual insights. Arguments are well supported.
    Quantity of Postings Interact at least 2 times with other students.

    Individual message and at least four responses completed before the deadline.

    Respond to classmates video postings within: First post in two (2) days and the remaining four in seven (7) days.

    Instagram Assignment

    For this semester, students will be required to participate in an Instagram assignment.  You must submit at least one picture or Instagram video throughout the semester and tag these pictures/videos to the FIU Honors Department’s Instagram page @fiuhonors.  Each picture/video must be accompanied by a short comment and the hashtag #dgtlfairytale. Students are encouraged to interact with the content posted by their classmates and others on the fiuhonors Instagram page.  

    In order to receive credit for this assignment you must:

    • Post at least 1 picture/video by the assignment due date
    • Tag the FIU Honors Department’s Instagram page @fiuhonors
    • Accompany each picture/video with the hashtag #dgtlfairytale
    • Accompany each picture/video with a short comment (<140 characters) about the picture and your purpose for posting it.
    • Post your instagram picture and corresponding comment in the appropriate course discussion by Thursday and respond to at least 2 classmates posts by Monday of the following week.

    Scores will be provided within a week after the assignment due date.

    eel free to Review wiki How's "How to Use Instagram webpage."

    In order to use Instagram you will need a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.  Instagram cannot be accessed on a desktop. Students are expected to post responsibly, adhere to copyright laws, and post images that are deemed respectful in accordance with University guidelines

    Private Reflection Journal

    A Journal reflection will be due twice throughout the semester, which will only be seen by you and the professor. These reflections will only be graded for completion, not for content. This will provide an opportunity for students to interact privately with the professor in regards to the course content. Feel free to share your personal views on the content and how it affects your life. Journals should be a short paragraph, but must be turned in on time to receive full credit. Altogether, the journal entries will be worth 10% of your overall grade.

    Scores will be provided within a week after the assignment due date.

    Extra Credit

    Students will have 5 opportunities to submit assignments for extra credit. After each module assessment, students can submit 10 test questions about specific module content and a suggested assignment for that same module. Extra credit assignments will be turned into a specific Extra Credit blog.  

    Late Policy

    Assignments can be submitted up to 3 days after its due date for a minimum 50% grade reduction.  Assessments cannot be taken after the due date unless the exception was previously granted by the professor.

    Adobe Connect Pro Meeting

    Zoom is an online meeting room where you can interact with your professor and fellow students by sharing screens, sharing files, chatting, broadcasting live audio, and taking part in other interactive online activities. We will be utilizing this tool to conduct online office hours.

    Reference Zoom Help Center (Tutorials & Help) to learn about the tool, how to access your meeting rooms and recordings.


    Course Requirements Number of Items Points for Each Total Points Available Weight
    Intro Video Blog 1 50 50 5%
    Pinterest Assignment 1 50 50 5%
    Reflection Journals 2 25 50 5%
    Not Creepy Facebook Stalking Assignment 1 50 50 5%
    Instagram Assignment 1 50 50 5%
    Fakebook Assignment 1 50 50 5%
    SnapChat Assignment 1 90 90 9%
    Course Blogs 3 50 150 15%
    ApprenNet Video Discussions 3 70 210 21%
    Module Assessments 4 62.5 250 25%
    Extra Credit 5 10 50 5%
    Total     1000 100%
    Letter Range (%) Letter Range (%) Letter Range (%)
    A 95 or above B 83 - 86 C 70 - 76
    A- 90 - 94 B- 80 - 82 D 60 - 69
    B+ 87 - 89 C+ 77 - 79 F 59 or less

    Course Calendar

    Module Weekly Schedule

    *Students must post an Introduce Yourself Video Blog post and pass the Syllabus Exam with 100% in order to gain access to course content

    Module 1 - Once Upon A Time Due date
    Week 1
    Aug 20 - Aug 27

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Create an introduction video to acquaint themselves to other students in the class
    • Review and demonstrate mastery of content covered in the course syllabus

    Items to Read/View/Listen:

    • Course Syllabus
    • Review assignment/assessment tool how to webpages and videos
    • Professor's Introductory video


    1. Introduce Yourself Video Blog
    2. Syllabus Exam

    *Students must post an Introduce Yourself Video Blog post and pass the Syllabus Exam with 100% in order to gain access to course content

    August 27th 
    @ 11:55pm
    Week 2
    Aug 27 - Sept 4

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Compare and Contrast everyday affects of social media, smartphones, wifi, and Bluetooth with that of the pre-smart phone era
    • Create a visual representation discussing everyday life before the Smartphone Era

    Items to Read/View/Listen:

    • Digital Readings
    • Back to the Future II the Movie
    • Save By The Bell - Season 3 Episode 3
    • Friends - Season 9 episode 9
    • Buzz Feed Articles
    • Memes


    1. Upload a Meme expressing life during Pre-smartphone Era to course blog

    September 4th
    @ 11:55pm

    (Since the 3th is Labor Day)

    Weeks 3
    Sept 3 - Sept 10

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Identify the processes and structures affected by Smartphone Era technology in the human brain
    • Analyze the impact of brain activity engaging with Smartphone Era Technology and sociological behavior
    • Identify and draw conclusions on the effects of social media on individuals and our society as a whole

    Items to Read/View/Listen:

    1. Digital Readings
    2. NBC Learn Video
    3. Listen to Podcast


    1. Module 1 Assessment

    ​September 10th

    Module 2 - Into the Woods Due date
    Week 4
    Sept 10 - Sept 17

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Discover the personally unnoticed affects of disruptive technologies on how individuals enjoy music
    • Draw similarities between the fate of the music industry to that of other disrupted entertainment industries
    • Argue whether your personally identified disruptive technology effects would be observed globally or centralized to the United States

    Items to Read/View/Listen:

    1. Digital Readings
    2. The Promise of Play 
    3. Listen to Podcast


    1. Share favorite song with classmates in music blog and discuss how your interactions with that artists music affects:
      1. ​Their record company
      2. Your money entertainment budget
      3. Your dependence on wifi/mobile data
      4. Your views on the ethics of File sharing tools 

    Due by Thursday @ 11:59pm and reply to 2 classmates posts by Monday @ 11:59pm

    First post due by September 13th 
    @ 11:55pm

    Responses to classmates due September 17th @11:55pm

    Week 5
    Sept 17 - Sept 24

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Discover the personally unnoticed affects of shopping technologies on how individuals enjoy video entertainment
    • Draw similarities between the fate of the shopping industry to that of other disrupted sales industries

    Items to Read and View:

    • Digital Readings
    • The Promise of Play


    1. Upload an ApprenNet/Practice Video uberizing an item or service to a brick and mortar CEO to sell online as that company's marketing consultant; by Thursday @ 11:59pm and reply to 4 classmates videos by Monday @ 11:59pm.

    First post due by September 20th 
    @ 11:55pm

    Responses to classmates due by September 24th
    @ 11:55pm

    Week 6
    Sept 24 - Oct 1

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Discover the personally unnoticed affects of disruptive technologies on how individuals enjoy video entertainment
    • Draw similarities between the fate of the telecommunications industry to that of other disrupted entertainment industries
    • Argue whether your personally identified disruptive technology effects would be observed globally or centralized to the United States

    Items to Read/View/Listen:

    1. Digital Readings
    2. Listen to Podcast 


    1. Create infographic concerning on-demand media, streaming media, or television. Due by Thursday @ 11:59pm and reply to 2 classmates posts by Monday @ 11:59pm

    First post due by September 27th 
    @ 11:55pm

    Responses to classmates due October 1st @11:55pm

    Week 7
    Oct 1 - Oct 8

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Synthesize the social media experience of users outside of the United 
    • Compare and Contrast social media responses to various media reactions in groups located outside the United States.
    • Identify the processes and structures affected by disruptive technologies and processes
    • Analyze the impact of brain activity when engaging with disruptive technologies and processes
    • Identify and draw conclusions on the effects of disruptive technologies and processes on individuals and our society as a whole

    Items to Read/View/Listen:

    1. Digital Readings
    2. Watch 3 episodes of 2 Netflix original shows 


    1. Social Media Stalking - Participate in an independent online ethnographic observation on a group or organization outside of the United States. Students must conduct these observations on three social media platforms. Create a discussion post with images, videos, and links concerning your findings and reply to 4 of your classmates posts.
    2. Module 2 Assessment

    First post due by October 4th 
    @ 11:55pm

    Responses to classmates due by October 8th
    @ 11:55pm

    Module 3 - The Big Misunderstood Wolf Due date
    Week 8
    Oct 8 - Oct 15

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Define what Social Media is
    • Assess what factors and qualities led to the rapid take over of "Social Media"
    • Compare and Contrast the Pros and Cons of Social Media
    • Identify those qualities that lead to the rise and fall of particular social media platforms.

    Items to Read and View:

    • Digital Readings
    • Watch Social Network
    • Listen to Podcast


    1. ApprenNet/Practice Video Discussion. Make predictions for the future of social media and mention the pros and cons that result from your suggestions. Due by Thursday @ 11:59pm and reply to 4 classmates videos by Monday @ 11:59pm.

    First post due by October 11th @ 11:55pm

    Second post due by
     October 15th

    Week 9
    Oct 15 - Oct 22

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Define what Social Media is
    • Compare and Contrast the Pros and Cons of Social Media
    • Critique the instances of bullying and harassment and various platform's attempts at moderating these actions.
    • Identify the processes and structures affected by social media
    • Analyze the impact of brain activity when engaging with social media
    • Identify and draw conclusions on the effects of social media and processes on individuals and our society as a whole

    Items to Read and View:

    • Digital Readings
    • Listen to Podcast
    • YouTube suicide clip


    1. Write a personal journal reflection on the the "ugly side of social media" and interacting online. Share any personal stories with your professor.
    2. Module 3 Assessment
    October 22nd
    Module 4 - The Shero! Due date
    Week 10
    Oct 22 - Oct 29

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Engage firsthand with a disruptive industry.
    • Share your experience with the disruptive industry and technology with the global community.

    Items to Read and View:

    • Digital readings
    • Listen to Podcasts
    • Watch episode


    1. Post picture of destination or aspect of Lyft ride on instagram with course hashtag and upload the same image and its corresponding comments to a course discussion
    October 29th
    @ 11:55pm
    Week 11
    Oct 29 - Nov 5

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Create a disruptive business, idea, or product for the future
    • Role play as a disruptive company's CEO and PR manager

    Items to Read and View:

    • Digital Readings
    • Listen to podcasts
    • Watch TED talks video


    1. Create an individual Fakebook page on a unique innovative idea or tool that will help and advance small business on a product that does not currently exist. 

    November 5th
    @ 11:55pm

    Week 12
    Nov 5 - Nov 12

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Identify instances of micro-agressions in disruptive businesses and interactions
    • Analyze solutions to combating bullying, sexism, racism, and classism within these platforms
    • Identify the processes and structures affected by social media and disruptive technologies
    • Analyze the impact of brain activity when engaging with social media and disruptive technologies
    • Identify and draw conclusions on the effects of social media and disruptive technologies on individuals and our society as a whole

    Items to Read and View:

    • Digital Readings
    • Listen to podcasts


    1. Submit an ApprenNet Video Discussion with solutions for battling all instances of discrimination and harassment online.
    2. Module 4 Assessment

    First post due by November 8th @ 11:55pm

    Second post due by November 12th @ 11:55pm

    Assessment due by November 12th @ 11:55pm

    Module 5 - Happily Ever After? Due date
    Week 13
    Nov 12 - Nov 19

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Discuss ways that disruptive media and technology have changed the way we interact with politics
    • Identify exact practices that disruptive media and technology have molded social movements

    Items to Read and View:

    • Play TED Talks video 
    • Listen to Podcasts
    • Digital Reading


    1. Draft a letter to a potential Congress-person as a potential campaign coordinator and suggest how you would leverage social media and disruptive business and social structures to support their candidacy within the city of Miami, State of Florida, President of the United States, British Prime Minister, Australian Prime Minister, etc.
    2. Share a sample Snap for the campaign
    Due November 19th 
    @ 11:55pm
    Week 14
    Nov 19 - Nov 25

    Happy Thanksgiving
    (Begin Week 15 Assignments to get ahead)

    *Begin planning what topic/item/movement/organization/business you will promote and create during the Spring semester


    Week 15
    Nov 26 - Dec 3

    Supports Learning Objectives:

    • Examine the influence of Smartphone Era media and technology on personal interests, career goals, and academic background perceptions.
    • Curate appropriate references for next semester project.


    1. Begin planning what topic/item/movement/organization/business you will promote and create during the Spring semester
    2. Pinterest assignment
    3. Private Journal: Share something you've learned about yourself and something else during this course. Have your feelings or the way you interact with this item changed due to the information brought up in this course? What do you think the cultural implications of this discovery would be if more people felt the way you do?

    *Begin planning what topic/item/movement/organization/business you will promote and create during the Spring semester*

    December 3rd